Subtle poignant moments like this are what made the RTD era what it was.

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She’s a perfectly ordinary girl. Very pretty. Very clever. More scared than she lets on.

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Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.
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this is ADORABLE


this is ADORABLE

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People don’t come to see freaks of the heat of the day. They come in the evening. When the darkness moves in and speaks of mystery. The unknown. When logic loosen up its vice grip and the imagination comes out to play. The night allows the stars to shine and we come alive.

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